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Кому и когда нужны спортивные наколенник…

Кому и когда нужны спортивные наколенники

Занятия спортом – это нередкий источник травм. Осо...

27 Март 2020

Восковая эпиляция: особенности и преимущ…

Восковая эпиляция: особенности и преимущества

Современная мода такова, что исключает наличие как...

07 Фев. 2020

Что делать если отекают ноги

Что делать если отекают ноги

Проблема отечных ног беспокоит многих людей, хотя ...

07 Нояб. 2019

Народные средства для лечения ног

Народные средства для лечения ног

Для многих людей боль в ногах, к сожалению, не явл...

16 Окт. 2019

Массаж ног: основные особенности

Массаж ног: основные особенности

Массаж - древнейшая техника, которая позволяет про...

20 Авг. 2019

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How to wind up likes and subscribers in Tik Tok

04.10.20 08:24

altTik Tok - is a social network for sharing short videos or online broadcasts. Also, users can write private text messages, comment and put video likes. To use Tik Tok, you need to install a mobile application. The user is provided with a simple and convenient video editor, a large collection of free audio tracks, video effects, filters and masks.

Why wind up fans and likes on TikTok

The number of viewers of your next publication depends on these two parameters, and the coverage of Tiktoker's videos determines not only its success with the audience, but also the opportunities for making money on advertising.

The user of this social network can view the video in three ways:

- Search by hashtags, this path requires active action;
- The main feed - new videos from Tiktokers, to which the user is subscribed;

Recommendations - a feed that is generated automatically based on user interests and current trends.

The more subscribers (fans) a Tiktoker has, the more viewers will immediately see the new video. To get a video into the recommended ones, social algorithms must determine that the video can be liked by certain users. This is signaled by the number of full views, likes on tik tok and subscribers, as well as the growth rate of these indicators.

TOP ways to cheat on Tik Tok

All the ways to increase the number of TikToker fans or likes comes down to two strategies:

The natural development of the account and the attraction of interested subscribers;

Cheating in order to quickly get quantity without thinking about quality.

In both cases, you can use paid and free promotion methods. These methods are similar to other social media promotions. For example, watch popular videos, like, comment, subscribe and some users will be interested in your profile and video.

If you are trying to promote your profile manually, we recommend that you like and subscribe to novice bloggers, this will increase the likelihood that they will like you in return. You can comment on videos of famous tiktokers, so this will draw attention to your account, both the author of the video and other viewers. These are the slowest ways to get followers.

Free TikTok views and fans with hashtags 

Thanks to hashtags, your videos will be found by TikTok users with similar interests or tastes. On this social network, hashtags can be written in both English and Russian, depending on what audience you want to attract. This method of promotion is slow, but will allow you to gain fans who are interested in your work.

Try to be original. Hashtags such, as #tiktok, #musically, #cute, #video, #like are very popular, but uninformative and it will be difficult for a beginner to stand out in the feed for such a hashtag.